What’s Your Favourite Snowy Movie?

Subaru Canada welcomes drivers to an uncommon winter experience.

January 19, 2022


If you live in the part of the country that Applied Arts is located in, you have definitely been absolutely horrified by winter weather this week. Winter shovelling, let alone winter driving, can feel extremely daunting; those moments you wait for your windshield to defrost suddenly become filled with tension.

Subaru Canada and Zulu Alpha Kilo tap into that tension in their latest campaign designed to demonstrate that winter driving in a Subie is less scary movie and more smooth sledding.

“This campaign builds from our brand platform launch in the fall, in an exciting way,” says Cynthia Bouris, Vice President, Marketing and Brand Management. “We wanted to clearly demonstrate an uncommon advantage our vehicles have when it comes to capability and safety in the winter months. We believe this campaign will give consumers a reason to further consider a Subaru when they think about their next vehicle purchase.”

Taking cues from suspense and horror blockbusters—Hitchcock would love the ticking clock that fills the spot's soundtrack—the builds a sense of menace that is quickly relieved by the vehicle’s mechanical mastery of the elements.

“For us, we needed to really create the tension. Not just in the tone but also with the volume of snow and show the viewers just how unforgiving these environments were,” says Wain Choi, Executive Creative Director at Zulu Alpha Kilo. “Playing that tension off with the actual capability and safety of these vehicles is what makes this a compelling campaign. We’re excited to see it launch!”

Unfortunately you still have to dig out your vehicle even if it is incredibly capable in the snow.

Client: Subaru Canada Inc.
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh
Executive Creative Director: Wain Choi
Creative Director/Writer: Jonathan Smith
Art Director: Patrick Shing
Agency Producer: Karen Blazer
Account Team: David Tremblay, Maura Kelly, Hayley Blackmore
Planning Team: Carly Miller, Heather Segal
Clients: Don Durst, Cynthia Bouris, Don Gill, Sara Pimental
Media Agency: OMD
Media Team: Michelle Jairam, Natasha Cappelli
Production House: Circle
Director: Shaunoh
Production House Producer: Greg Lund
Director of Photography: Byron Kopman
Casting Director: JigSaw Casting
Editing Company: Zulubot
Editor: Brian Noon, Lauren Schell
Online: Dan Kelly
Colourist: Wade Odlum
Music House: Eggplant
Audio Director: Adam Damelin
Producer: Nicola Threadgold
Engineer: Peter Pacey