Wizened by Billion Buns and Wize Tea?

Check out this collaboration!

September 27, 2022




Vancouver based studio Chairman Ting industries inc, and Wize Tea collaborated on these LIMITED-EDITION ice tea cans featuring two new Billion Buns NFTs. Billion Buns consists of a collection of unique and creative characters from the imaginary planet, Planet Bananas.

Carson Ting, an affectionado of the brand, approached Wize Teas about creating the design for their limited edition new sparkling iced tea cans. He created the new Billion Buns NFTs for the occasion as seen on the cans,  they will be given away through a QR code sweepstakes. To keep things exclusive, they’ve made just 150 cases in total and once they’re gone, they’re gone.


“Carson is a premiere artist who loves our refreshments, so when he approached us to do a collab with his NFT project, we jumped at the chance!”

- Max Rivest, CEO, Wize Tea


Wize Tea is the pioneer of crafting award-winning teas by up-cycling excess coffee leaves and creating year-round employment when farmers need it most. Coffee Leaf Tea, an infusion made from arabica coffee leaves, doesn’t have any bitterness or tannins compared to traditional black or green teas, while also having high antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

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