Words are Worth a Thousand Pictures

One Twenty Three West and the difficult to describe murals

March 22, 2021


mural, art, vancouver, applied arts, one twenty three west
One Twenty Three West, Vancouver, BC, YOU'LL GET IT WHEN YOU SEE IT, Out-of-Home - Series, 2020 Advertising Awards winner.

Great art can take the words out of your mouth, and untraditional art murals can make it impossible to put them back in.

Muralists make cityscapes their canvas. They add colour and character to places sometimes devoid of both, and reflect and speak to their communities. In Vancouver’s Mural District they can also be delightfully weird.

One Twenty Three West took advantage of the indescribable nature of the district’s diverse and untraditionally unique murals by developing a campaign for the Vancouver Mural Festival that was based around the murals' ineffability.

In their 2020 Advertising Awards winning campaign in the Out-of-Home category, One Twenty Three West attempts to describe these pieces resulting in poem-like word jumbles that “you’ll get when you see it.” You’d have to have seen everything, even the indescribable, if you aren’t a little intrigued by “Romantic forest brain face.”