YouTube Canada launches national campaign to celebrate the power of Canadian creators

September 29, 2021


While the fifteenth video of a Finnish couple crushing things with a hydraulic press washes over you in a mixture of ASMR and playground bug squashing reverie, you may not be thinking about what YouTube contributes to the Canadian economy. According to a 2021 study by Oxford Economics, YouTube Canada’s creative ecosystem contributes $923 million to Canada’s GDP and 34, 100 fulltime jobs. They are also helping get Canadian creatives out into the world, with 90% of the watch time for content produced in Canada coming from outside our borders (source: YouTube Data, 2020). Tall poppy be damned.

To celebrate this thriving community of Canuck creators, YouTube Canada with creative agency Mosaic have produced a campaign featuring 16 Canadian creators who are absolutely killing it online both creatively and financially based on their success on YouTube.

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“YouTube elevates Canadian culture and has a vital and flourishing impact on Canadians’ lives and businesses,” said YouTube Canada Marketing Lead Alyssa Whited. “The featured creators are just a sample of the vast talent and diversity that make up YouTube Canada's creator ecosystem. Every day, creators come to the platform to tell stories and create content that meaningfully impacts the lives of Canadians.”

“The campaign showcases a broad range of both established, well-known voices alongside new and emerging talent who flourished during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dave Thornhill, creative director, Mosaic. “In partnership with Spy Films and our incredible director Le Ged, we’ve united their inspiring voices through dramatic transitions that reinforce the platform’s unique ability to empower us, by connecting us.”

So go ahead, watch one more video, you’re helping the nation.

Sixteen Featured Creators: 

Jonathan Roy
Simply Nailogical
Deddy's Kitchen
Little King Goods
The Sorry Girls
Gurdeep Pandher of the Yukon
Catherine & Jayaddict 
Linus Tech Tips
Home RenoVision DIY
Aysha Harun


National Campaign 

Client: YouTube Canada

Head of Marketing, Google Canada: Laura Pearce
Marketing Lead, YouTube Canada: Alyssa Whited
YouTube Ads Marketing Lead: Amanda Lee
Strategic Partner Manager, Canada: Danielle Morgan
Head of Content Partnerships, Canada at YouTube: Andrew Peterson
Research & Insights Lead, Canada: Behzad Ghotb
Google Canada Communications & Public Affairs: Luiza Staniec
Communications Manager, Google: Hibaq Ali

Agency: Mosaic

Executive Creative Directors: Laura Serra, Dave Watson
Creative Director: Dave Thornhill
Associate Creative Directors: Henry Park, Kareem Halfawi
Art Director: Sophie Gosetto
Copywriter: Mat Levinson
Design Director: Nick Pilon, Sarah Rafter, Ron Paisley
Designers: Josh Levine, Aneta Pacholska, Boban Stojanovski, Ana Choi
Strategy Director: Lavana Pauk
VP, Account Service: Nick Karantjas
Group Account Director: Barrett Holman
Senior Account Managers: Kristie Siman, Melissa Moroney
Project Manager: Alex J. Herron
Resource Manager: Scott DeGier
Print Producer: Narine Artinian
Assistant Producer: Katie Fowler
Executive Producer: Clair Galea

Production Company: Spy Films
Director: Le Ged
Director of Photography: Brandon Kelly 
Line Producer: Erik Wilson 
Executive Producer: Marcus Trulli

Real People Casting:  Ground Glass Casting
Executive Producer:  Andrew Dieters

Offline Editorial: Nimiopere
Editor: Raj Ramnauth
Assistant Editor: Bryan Rueben
Executive Producer: Julie Axell

Finish House: Darling 
VFX/On-Line:  Steve McGregor & Paul Binney
Colorist:  Kassi Bellamy
Audio: SNDWRx
Produced and Composed by: Didier Tovel
Session Players: Mark James, Aaron Paris 
Sound Design & Mixing: Didier Tovel
Executive Producer: Alison Lawee

About YouTube Canada

YouTube™ is the world's most popular online video community allowing millions of people to discover, watch and share original videos. YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small. YouTube, LLC is based in San Bruno, Calif., and is a subsidiary of Google Inc.

About Mosaic

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