Image Showcase 1/2/3

Brochure/Catalogue Design - Product/Service/Business/Institution - Series


In a series of catalogs showcasing its stock photography and illustration, Veer avoided cliche themes like "business" or "lifestyle". Instead, tightly defined themes like "poodle" and "cowboy hat" were contrasted with broad ones like "road trip" and "power skirt". Printed in accordance with stringent Forest Stewardship Council guidelines.

Voice: 877-297-7900
Website: www.veer.com
Email: service@veer.com

Design: Bryce Beresh Design: Jenelle Gartner Design: Drew Ng-How-Tseung Creative Direction: Sheldon Popiel Art Direction: Bryce Beresh Copywriting: Berenice Gargus Editor: Jon Parker Client: Veer