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Sexuality: The best ads come from real life experiences.Subtitles: In an abandoned warehouse, little is known about a suspicious note in a briefcase, as the subtitles don’t always reveal all they should.

Voice: (604) 669-4444

Creative Direction: Paul Little Copywriting: Addie Gillespie, Jon Murray Art Direction: Addie Gillespie, Jon Murray Account Supervisor: Kristy Eirikson Producer: Mike Hasinoff Director: Tim Godsall Photography: Darko Suvak Line Producer: Rick Jarjoura Post Production: Arcade Edit Editor: Geoff Hounsell Audio House: GGRP & PINEWOOD SOUND Production Company: OPC & Biscuit Filmworks Executive Producer: Harland Weiss, Holly Vega Ad Agency: TBWAVancouver Client: Vancouver International Film Festival