Christmas Paper

Craft Printing - Single


Leo Burnett, Toronto

Leo Burnett, Toronto Chief Creative Officer: Judy John Art Direction: Dejan Djuric, Steven Tiao, Iris Wu Printing Company: Blanchette Press Creative Direction: Lisa Greenberg, Ryan Crouchman Designer: Dejan Djuric, Steven Tiao, Iris Wu Agency Producer: Kim Burchiel Photography: Dejan Djuric, Steven Tiao, Iris Wu

Some things are spherical. Some are polyhedronic. Others are in impossible-to-open clamshell plastic. That’s why we made three designs, so no matter what shape you’re giving, you can wrap like a mall pro. TRIANGULAR hugs odd angles. SQUARE for sharp corners. And YUPO paper is unrippable and reusable for everything else. It’s like wrapping one gift in another gift.