Harley-Davidson Canada Office

Design Miscellaneous - Single


Harley-Davidson Canada’s new head office aimed to celebrate the rich history and exciting future of the brand in a distinctly Canadian way. Natural materials like wood and leather added texture, a timeline feature wall pays homage to eight iconic HD engines, and 1100 actual Harley-Davidson handgrips spell out, “Let’s Ride,” in a giant type installation.Each meeting room is themed around great Canadian rides and feature compositions of custom graphics combined with archival images.

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Zulu Alpha Kilo Creative Director: Zak Mroueh Design Director: Ryan Booth Writer: Kaidy Wong Designer: Jack Curtis, Jamie Mageau, Ryan Booth Agency Producer: Kari Macknight Dearborn Account Team: Kerry McKibbin, Linsey Kampf Strategic Planner: Jamie Cuthbertson Photographer: Dan Lim Illustrator: Ryan Booth, Jack Curtis Studio Artist: Amanda Braun, Brandon Dyson, Greg Heptinstall, Andrew Martin Architect: Taylor Smyth Architects, Michael Taylor, Kian Tang, David King Project Manager: Kevin Mast Client: Harley-Davidson Canada, Rick Bhim, Anoop Prakash Printing Company: 247 Integrated