Illustrating the Life of a Legend

Miscellaneous Illustration - Series


Mr. Clean has been an icon since he first picked up a mop. But other than his shiny head and trademark earring, people didn’t know a whole lot about him. That’s why we gave him a Twitter account and used illustration to show the world the man behind the cleaner. In bringing the real Mr. Clean to life, we formed a personal connection with our followers and transformed a loveable icon into a living legend.

Ad Agency: Leo Burnett, Toronto Client: Procter & Gamble - Mr. Clean Chief Creative Officer: Judy John Creative Direction: Heather Chambers, Lisa Greenberg Group Creative Director: Heather Chambers Copywriting: Kevin Hoessler, Marty Hoefkes Art Direction: Pearce Cacalda, Mike Morelli Illustration: Mark Harris, Nabil Elsaadi, Derek Rillo, Jonathan Davis Art Buyer: Laurie Filgiano Producer: Michelle Repasky