RGD- "Design Thinkers"

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Juniper Park
e: alan.madill@juniperpark.com

Executive Creative Direction: Barry Quinn Agency: Juniper Park Executive Creative Direction: Alan Madill, Terry Drummond Creative Direction of Design: Christina Gliha Design: Ryan Teixeria, Chelen Hilmi Print Producer: Mark Prole Production Artist: Dayle Sheward, Karla Ramirez Video Production: Julian Brown

Juniper Park was asked by RGD Ontario to design all materials for the 2010 Design Thinkers conference in Toronto. Inspired by the 'work-in-progress' stages of the design process we created a simple design system featuring a raw and ‘undesigned’ aesthetic featuring thought provoking statements on the industry and business. The statements were not only meant to create discussion between event attendees, but provoke designers to think about and question issues within their industry.