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Moveable's new website

Business-to-Business - Single


Moveable is a 35-year-old graphic arts service provider. It offers a suite of services, including typesetting, printing, proofreading, and image work. Its previous website had served it well, but was overdue for a refresh. The redesign incorporates the company's new brand identity, and provides a whimsical, visually appealing and highly usable overview of its services. At the same time, the new site is very client-focused, and the writing emphasizes the company’s value proposition.

Voice: 416-532-5690
Website: http://moveable.com
Email: jkotler@moveable.com

Moveable Inc. Project Director: Michael Dila Designer: Moses Wong Writer: Doug Dolan, Amy Langstaff Photographer: Angus MacPherson Web Developer: Enginess

Winning Website: http://moveable.com