Christmas Paper

Young Blood Design - Single


Some things are spherical. Some are polyhedronic. Others are in impossible-to-open clamshell plastic. That’s why we made three designs, so no matter what shape you’re giving, you can wrap like a mall pro. TRIANGULAR hugs odd angles. SQUARE for sharp corners. And YUPO paper is unrippable and reusable for everything else. It’s like wrapping one gift in another gift.

Leo Burnett, Toronto Chief Creative Officer: Judy John Art Direction: Dejan Djuric, Steven Tiao, Iris Wu Creative Direction: Lisa Greenberg, Ryan Crouchman Copywriting: Marty Hoefkes Designer: Dejan Djuric, Steven Tiao, Iris Wu Agency Producer: Kim Burchiel Photography: Dejan Djuric, Steven Tiao, Iris Wu