TNM - New Season

Entire Design Promotion Program


Compagnie et cie

Compagnie et cie Client: TNM - Annie Gascon, Pascale Desgagnés Creative Director: Mario Mercier, André Paradis Art Director: Mario Mercier, Simon Roy Designer: Martine Canuel, Julie Gauthier Client Service Director: Mélanie Rudel-Tessier Production Company: Shoot Studio - Kristia Louis-Seize Photographer: Shoot Studio - Jean-François Gratton Music/Sound: Audio Z - Martin Rouillard

The TNM's 2016-2017 campaign is deployed on television, outdoor advertising, newspapers, the web and social media. The new offensive puts forward a mysterious white circle, as well as the plays’ characters. The theatre is a magical place that allows us to see the other side of appearances and takes us somewhere else. With this mysterious white circle, we wanted to conceive a metaphor of the spectator's gaze and symbolize this crossing towards ... new worlds