KD Pumpkin Spice

Craft Art Direction - Single


Rethink, Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver
w: rethinkcanada.com

Client: Kraft Dinner Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman Executive Creative Director: Mike Dubrick Creative Director: Allan Topol, Loretta Lau Art Dirctor: Nick Noh Writer: Jordan Darnbrough Designer: Jake Lim, Erin Maguire French Writer: Karine Doucet Strategist: Sean McDonald, Hannah Newport Producer: Narine Artinian, Kate Spencer, Helen Yousif Production Company: Fuze Reps Photographer: Chris Robinson Media Agency: Starcom PR: The Colony Project Community Management: SALT Group Account Director: Amy Greenspoon Account Director: Kai De Bruyn Kops Account Manager: Allie Kennedy

Winning Website: rethinkcanada.com/work/kraft-dinner/2020/digital-social/pumpkin-spice-kd

Fall is pumpkin spice season, and Starbucks is its unrivaled queen. As the first leaf drops, all the basics flock to the internet with selfies alongside various beverages and treats. So to hijack the season's biggest conversation, we trolled it with Pumpkin Spice KD. Our tweet of KD in a not-so-subtle cup exploded online. Soon, Canada's macaroni and cheese became the unlikeliest hot topic of the fall.