Living Ads: Roman & The Night Owl Barbershop

Craft Ideation - Single


Mosaic North America, Toronto, ON

Executive Creative Director: Jess Willis Creative Director: Dave Thornhill Associate Creative Director: Marisa Faustino, Anthony Hachez Copywriter: Mathew Levinson Client Service Director: Laura Ballantyne, Nicole Bakker Account Manager: Dan Tallent Strategy Director: Meg Kerr Insights Director: Jara Ulbrych Production Company: Makers Executive Producer: Paul Curtin Producer: Julia Morris, Hayley Brown Director: Booker Sim Fabrication/Event Producer: Tiffany Tse Director of Photography: Viktor Cahoj Art Director: Andrea Leigh Editor: Dino Harambasic Music/Sound: Grayson Matthews

Rather than bring the eyes of affluent Canadians into the communities of our interest groups, we brought our interest groups to them by transforming traditional TSA spaces into interactive, living ads that showcased their successes and proved what's possible when you're financially confident. Each installation faithfully recreated a miniaturized and functional version of our interest group's work environment, bringing their stories to high traffic areas.