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TAXI Canada, Toronto, ON
t: 416-898-9769

Chief Creative Officer: Alexis Bronstorph, Kelsey Horne Creative Director: Frank Macera Associate Creative Director: Marc Levesque, Dan Cantelon Art Director: Will Cuthbert Copywriter: Michael Mehrasa Producer: Kelsey-Lynn Corradetti Account Director: Heather Osbourne, Leigh Anderson Account Supervisor: Shawne Elnicki Client: United Way Greater Toronto Director: Adrienne Clarke Project Manager: Caryl Canzius

Toronto is the poverty capital of Canada with more than 116,000 families struggling to put a roof over their head. However, this problem goes unnoticed because, on the surface, Toronto appears to be a prosperous and thriving city with its ever-growing skyline. To bring attention to this issue, we created the #UNIGNORABLE Tower – a mobile AR experience that imagines the tower we would need to build to house every Toronto family that can't afford a place to live.