Montreal Outdoor, Hunting, Fishing & Camping Show

TV/Cinema Commercials - Single

Population Above 500,000


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Company: Masse Agency Copywriter: Frédéric Masse, Catherine Lachance Art Director, Storyboard, Graphic Design: Catherine Lemieux Graphic Designer: Antoine Goulet Motion design : Studio Nord Est Infographic Designer: Catherine Villeneuve Account Manager: Anne-Marie Roy Sound Production: Studio Expression

The CNSS, a non-profit organization that uses its revenues to support nature conservation, organizes outdoor events in Canada. So, how do you create a completely renewed ad campaign for an event whose name is long enough to be in the Guinness World Records and which features a smorgasbord of products and exhibitors? It’s simple: use the difficulty to your advantage and launch a campaign based around the concept A show as big as its name.