Sole Type

Typography Design & Application - Series


Eduarda Nieto, Tiago Daltro, Igor Pontes

Winner: Eduarda Nieto, Tiago Daltro, Igor Pontes School: Miami Ad School Brazil Copywriter: Tiago Daltro, Igor Pontes Instructors: Rodrigo Saiani, Ilana Bandarovsky Typographer: Eduarda Nieto

Just like in the rest of the world, we also have a bad word for lesbians in Brazil: “sapatão”. Which literally means big shoe. An expression normally used to undervalue our pride. But we wanna change that by using what pushes us down, to raise us up. So we created SOLE TYPE, a typeface made with shoe soles to give the lesbian community more visibility. We asked women to send photos of their shoe soles. Using each image, we created an entire alphabet to send a positive message all around the world.