A Way to Go

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Using hand-made animation, music, 360° capture technology and webGL sorcery, Way to Go imagines a dream-world of journeys. Walk, run, fly; crouch in the grass and remember what's hidden all around. Slip like a rumour from one place into another; chase your shadow; listen to the slow pulse of the metronome, black-clad, following in your wake.

Website: www.nfb.ca

Company: National Film Board of Canada Director: Vincent Morisset Creation: AATOAA Music/Sound: Philippe Lambert Creative coding and technology: Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit Animations, drawings, macro videos and costumes: Caroline Robert Executive Producer: Hugues Sweeney Head of Production: Marie-Pier Gauthier Head of Technologies: Martin Viau Rotoscopy and tracking: Brandon Blommaert Additional Masking: Gregory Kaufman Text: Sean Michaels

Winning Website: a-way-to-go.com