A.I Ketchup in Space

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Ad Agency: Rethink Client: Kraft Heinz Canada, Megan Lang Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman Executive Creative Director: Mike Dubrick Creative Director: Xavier Blais, Zachary Bautista Associate Creative Director: Geoff Baillie Writer: Geoff Baillie, Xavier Blais, Aman Soin Art Director: Zachary Bautista, Danielle Zablocki Interactive Designer: Alex Fleming Strategist: Julian Morgan Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald Producer: Alex Butt, Steph Walker-Wells Post Supervisor: Megan O'Connor, Shannon Ing Digital Producer: Sheldon Sam Print Producer: AJ Merrick Studio Artist: Brad Kumar Group Account Director: Jamie Sutherland Account Director: David Greisman Account Manager: Ashlynn Labinaz Editor: Tyler Erdelac, Anna Vershinina Video VFX: Dustin Gamble, Jean-Nicolas Duval PR Agency: Middle Child, Zeno Media Agency: Carat, P57

With new artificial intelligence text-to-image programs taking over the internet, Heinz had to know – what does A.I. think ketchup looks like? It turns out that just like humans, A.I. prefers Heinz.