A&W Thrift Store

Promotional Collateral - Series


Rethink, Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver
t: 416-583-2178
w: rethinkideas.com

Ad Agency: Rethink Client: A&W Canada Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald Executive Creative Director: Leia Rogers, Morgan Tierney Creative Director: Pamela Rounis, Sheldon Rennie Associate Creative Director: Jordon Lawson Designer: Pamela Rounis Art Director: Pamela Rounis Writer: Jordon Lawson Print Producer: Sarah Lee, Rahima Rajabali Editor: Leigh O’Neill Photographer: Lauren D Zbarsky Studio Artist: Darina Kosikova Printer: Strategic Lift Interactive Producer: Kyle Hicks Front End Developer: Steve Lam Lead Strategist: Darren Yada Strategist: Sam Massooleh PR: Meredith Montgomery, Aliz Tennant, Sara Lemmermeyer, Karin Torn Account Director: Kennedy Crawford Account Manager: Tianna Fung Group Account Director: Chelsea Stoelting VP, Marketing: Tom Newitt Director, Brand Communications & Digital Marketing: Julia Cutt Production House: Frankie Collective

To show how A&W is committed to reducing its environmental impact in everything it does, we partnered with Frankie Collective to launch The Thrift Store: A 100% upcycled clothing line made from leftover A&W promotional gear and other salvaged garments.