Aisles of Glory: Legends of the Haul

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Ad Agency: john st. Client: Loblaw Companies Ltd., No Frills Chief Creative Officer: Cher Campbell Creative Director: Jess Willis Art Director: Xiang Zheng Copywriter: Emma Lorenzi Associate Creative Director: Alex Manahan, George Lin Designer: Carol Hung Executive Producer: Matthew DeWaal Producer: Danielle Lloyd, Alexandra Ungureanu EVP, Account Management: Allison Ballantyne Business Lead: Christy Cusack Account Supervisor: Ariel Segal, Kelly Brennan Chief Strategy Officer: Megan Towers Strategy Director: Colin Carroll Game Production: Relish Interactive Banana Controller Fabrication: wonderMakr Audio House: SNDWRx

No Frills is a brand built on that feeling you get when you beat the system. That's why we created the first frill-less, 8-bit video game about grocery shopping, now compatible with the first gaming controller made of bananas. Aisles of Glory: Legends of the Haul merged IRL and IVL worlds. Players collected points by dodging frills, collecting hauls and completing boss levels. Codes in-store unlocked more in-game, like character skins, power-ups, and ultimately, free groceries.