Bed-in for Peaceful Digestion

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Client: Les producteurs de lait du Québec VP, Creative: François Sauvé VP, Strategy: Sophie-Annick Vallée VP, Account Services: Marie-Christine Cayer Creative Director: François Sauvé Copywriter: Olivier Giguère, Éric Beaudin Art Director: Colin Beaudin, Marc Guilbault, Hang Tan Tang, Camille Barrantes Strategist: Philippe Goudreault, Orane Perez Account Services: Karine Payette, Joannie Bélanger, Émilie Giguère, Andréa Fortin Project Manager: Marie-Elisabeth Fouquet-Bouchard Agency Production: Nancy Mc Donald Motion Design: Colégram, Pascal Brousseau Editing Company: Colégram Editor: Olivier Guillemette Special Effects: Colégram, Greg Kauffman Media Agency: Touché! Illustrator: Mélanie Lambrick Infographics: Martin Brisebois HTML Integration: Adrien Rioux-Richard Production House: Les Enfants Production House Producer: Guillaume Arsenault Director: Laurence Baz Morais Lagacé Sound Studio & Engineering: Circonflex Music/Sound: Damien Robitaille, Circonflex Director of Photography: Harley Francis

Thanks to lactose-free milk, people suffering from lactose intolerance can enjoy the natural taste of milk without discomfort. We wanted to invite them to make peace with milk, so we offered them an olive branch in the form of a music video inspired by one of the most famous peace protests ever: John Lennon's 1969 bed-in for peace. Filmed in the exact same Montréal hotel room as its inspiration, it stars famous Quebec musician Damien Robitaille singing a catchy, psychedelic original song.