Bill it to Bezos

Young Blood Digital Advertising - Single


Angry Butterfly , Toronto, ON
w: angrybutterfly.ca

Young Blood: Chenice Piercy Chief Creative Officer: Erin Kawalecki Art Director: Chenice Piercy Copywriter: Ian Dunlop Chief Strategy Officer: Graham Candy Project Manager: Ana Del Monaco 3D Artist: Liam Murphy Executive Creative Director: Raul Garcia Ad Agency: Angry Butterfly Client: Jane/Finch Community Centre Chief Executive Officer: Brent Choi Associate Creative Director: Chenice Piercy, Amr Elkouedy Editor: Chenice Piercy, Raul Garcia Voice talent: Sean McBride Audio House: Pirate Sound Senior Strategist: Lias Tavares Head of Production: Hanna Bratt

Winning Entry: vimeo.com/818000975/82b94789a6?share=copy

It's the modern day Robin Hood story of a local community centre vs. one of the most powerful companies in the world, combined with a never-before-done tech twist. The Jane/Finch Centre (JFC) took an innovative approach to their fundraising, asking people to donate to their very modest community centre by taking advantage of a loophole in Twitch (the gamer streaming service owned by Amazon), where none of the money donated comes from the donor themselves, but directly from Amazon.