Destination Pride

Entire Online Campaign


Destination Pride is a data-driven search platform that reimagines the Pride flag as a dynamic bar graph, then uses it to visualize the world\'s LGBTQ+ laws, rights and social sentiment. To launch Destination Pride globally, we created more than 100 geographically individualized Facebook Ad campaigns targeting people who were interested in LGBTQ+ topics, groups and events, and who showed interest in travel.

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Company: FCB/SIX Executive Creative Director: Ian Mackenzie Associate Creative Director: David Laing, Krystle Mullin, Andrew Bernardi Art Director: Devon Williamson Copywriter: James Ly Experience Designer: Patrick Stolk-Ramaker Associate Design Director: Stuart Thursby Account Director: Shalta Dicarie Fardin Group Account Director: Andrea Barrett Project Manager: Ashley Whitaker, Khizra Arshad Digital Producer: Gillian Morrison VP, Head of Data & Technology: Jacob Ciesielski Director of Technology: Madara Ranawake EVP, Strategy: Anna Percy-Dove Strategy Director: John Fung Strategist: Zac Matheson Manager, Data Analytics: Andrew Yang QA Manager. Data & Technology: Lina Vaisman President: Andrea Cook Producer: Lindsay Hann User Experience: Kristy Pleckaitis Front End Developer: Heung Lee, Jonathan Sanford Worldwide Creative Partner: Fred Levron Design/Animation Director: Edward Deng - Alter Ego Music & Voice Director: Mark Domitric - Grayson Matthews Casting: Shasta Lutz - Jigsaw Casting Public Relations: Shannon Stephaniuk - Glossy