Draw Ketchup



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Client: Kraft Heinz Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman Executive Creative Director: Mike Dubrick Art Director: Zachary Bautista Writer: Geoff Baillie Associate Creative Director: Zachary Bautista Head of Art: Joel Holtby Creative Director: Joel Holtby Designer: Jaclyn McConnell Strategist: Julian Morgan, Sean McDonald Production Company: R+D Productions Broadcast Producer: Alex Butt Production Coordinator: Spencer Houghton Print Producer: Narine Artinian Director of Photography: AA Scott McClellan Editor: Stephen Parker Colourist: Emmett Maloney Account Director: Amy Greenspoon, Kai De Bruyn Kops Account Manager: Allie Kennedy Audio House: Vapor Music Engineer: Art Mullin PR Company: The Colony Project Media Agency: CARAT Community Management: SALT

Winning Entry: youtu.be/APoGHH1Ns2M

We anonymously asked people all over the world to draw ketchup. The result? They all drew Heinz. The experiment was conducted with dozens of participants across five continents, none of whom had any idea what brand the experiment was for. All they were told was to draw ketchup, and most reacted by drawing a bright red bottle with Heinz written on it. Those labels were featured on a limited-release run of Heinz bottles, and on digital billboards.