Eat Together, Dreams

Craft - Cinematography - Single


john st.

Winner: john st. Chief Creative Officer: Angus Tucker Executive Creative Director: Cher Campbell Associate Creative Director: Kohl Forsberg Art Director: Dorota Pankowska, Gerardo Agbuya Writer: Jesse Wilks Chief Strategy Officer: Megan Towers Senior Strategist: Colin Carroll Head of Production: Aimee DeParolis Agency Producer: Monika Ghobrial Client Service Director: Ryan O'Hagan Account Director: Caitlin Elliot Account Executive: Claudia Buckler Production Company: Revolver Films Editing Company: Saints Editorial Online: The Vanity Audio House: Apollo Studios Client: President’s Choice

Our social media quest for “post worthy” moments makes simple pleasures like eating together feel less important and fulfilling. Social scientists know that eating food together with friends and family makes human beings feel good - both mentally and physically. The film showed all the things people do to live their “best lives”. Throughout the film, Alan Watts narrates his famous Adventure of Dreams, that extols the virtue of the here and now, rather than the pursuit of something better.