Embarassing Plastic Bags

Point-of-Purchase - Series


w: rethinkcanada.com

Winner: Rethink Client: East West Market Creative Director: Leia Rogers, Ian Grais, Chris Staples Art Director: Sheldon Rennie Writer: Thom Peters, John Eresman Producer: Kerry Bhangu Designer: Sheldon Rennie Strategist: Darren Yada Amplification Strategist: Aliz Tennant, Samantha Cheng Account Manager: Tianna Fung Ad Agency: Rethink

We all forget our reusable bags from time to time.In an effort to help customers think twice about absentmindedly taking a single-use bag, we worked with East West Market to redesign their plastic bags. We created new bags that look like they come from other, more embarrassing stores.