Home or Street: Which is Worse?

PSA/Charity (Any Length) - Series


Leo Burnett, Toronto

Company: Leo Burnett Chief Creative Officer: Judy John Group Creative Director: Steve Persico, Anthony Chelvanathan Copywriter: Shauna Roe Art Director: Mary Soroka Agency Producer: Tina Muratovic Group Account Director: Ngaio Potts Account Director: Genevieve Cote Account Supervisor: Sunny Chang Chief Strategy Officer: Brent Nelsen VP, Group Planning Director: Tahir Ahmad Audio House: Boombox Sound Executive Producer: Nicole Pimentel Voice Director/Producer: Chris Stiliadis Engineer: David Goudie Client: Raising the Roof

Winning Entry: vimeo.com/287455329/0f6926c971

When we see homeless youth on the street, we often question what they did to end up there, instead of questioning what they may be escaping from. Three 30-second radio spots used sound design to change perceptions toward homeless youth, by making the street seem like a better option than home when you're faced with parents who are abusive, suffer from addiction, or don't accept you for who you are.