Glossed Over

Promotional Collateral - Series


Sid Lee, Toronto, ON
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Executive Creative Director: Jeffrey Da Silva Creative Director: Matt Fraracci Copywriter: Peter Sreckovic Art Director: Raine Calucag, Sammy Lo Designer: Matthew Beaubien, Priya Mistry Head of Account Services: Zemina Moosa Account Supervisor: Jamie Flatow Head of Production: Amanda Loughran Executive Producer: Elana Olavesen Post-Production Producer: Lisa Clarke Post-Production Director: Andréanne Denis Post-Production Supervisor: Elizabeth Fedak Director: Thomas Fortier Editor: Simon Gosselin, Mac Thomson Audio Editor: Noah Dauphinais Production Coordinator: Morgan Kendall, Hugo Beaupre, Gabriela Salon Client: Cheekbone Bone Beauty

Over 15% of Indigenous communities in Canada don't have clean drinking water. And yet this issue doesn't get the attention it deserves. So Indigenous-owned Cheekbone Beauty created a lip gloss collection made using contaminated water from 3 of those communities. For Indigenous History Month we sent out our box set to influencers and politicians and posed the question: If you wouldn't put toxic lip gloss to your lips, then why should indigenous communities have to put toxic water to theirs?