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john st., Toronto, ON
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Client: Loblaw Companies Limited, No Frills Chief Creative Officer: Cher Campbell Creative Director: Jess Willis Associate Creative Director: Caroline Friesen, Robbie Percy Designer (Graphic Novel): Lauren Grudzinski, Marc Caringal Creative Director, Design: Justin Close Copywriter: Robbie Percy Art Director: Caroline Friesen Chief Strategy Officer: Megan Towers Strategy Director: Colin Carroll Business Lead: Lindsay Day Account Supervisor: Kelly Brennan Agency Producer: Brittani Wilcox, Megan Flett Agency Producer (Graphic Novel): Andrew LaGrave Studio Design (Graphic Novel/Design): Dee Flores Production Company: Eddy TV Paris Executive Producer: Emilie Walmsley, Camille Principiano Director: Olivier Lescot Assistant Director: Brice Smith Post-Production: Brunch Studios Music & Sound: SNDWRx Music Director: Didier Tovel Composer: Didier Tovel Animation House: Eddy TV Paris PR Agency: Veritas Communications Producer: Francois De Rosanbo Graphic Novel Artist: Erwann Terrier Colourist: Ruby Illustrator: Robin Nishio, Nimit Malayia Printer: The Gas Company

Winning Entry: youtu.be/s7VLqp74HRA

As safety trumped savings during the height of COVID, No Frills, Canada's #1 discount grocery store needed to get its swagger back. Rather than playing into sadvertising, we immortalized our shoppers as the heroes they are in an online anime film. The film, which expanded the Haulers franchise into a new animated space, leveraged the tropes akin to that world. No detail was spared. What's more, with the help of superfans it trended on Twitter, reaching millions of impressions in mere hours.