Haulin' State of Mind



john st., Toronto, ON
w: johnst.com

Client: Loblaw Companies Limited, No Frills Chief Creative Officer: Cher Campbell Associate Creative Director: Caroline Friesen, Robbie Percy Designer: Hannah Lee Business Lead: Lindsay Day Account Supervisor: Kelly Brennan Creative Director: Cher Campbell, Jess Willis Creative Director, Design: Mooren Bofill Art Director: Caroline Friesen, Anton Mwewa, Shirley Xu Wang Copywriter: Robbie Percy, Alex Bonder, Marly Dichter Agency Producer: Brittani Wilcox, Megan Flett Chief Strategy Officer: Megan Towers Sr. Strategist: Jay Fleming Editor: John Gallagher Assistant Editor: Cam Anderson Post-Production: Outsider Editorial, The Vanity Online: The Vanity VFX: Naveen Srivastava, Kaelem Cahill, Adam Silcox-Vanwyk Music & Sound: SNDWRx Music Director: Didier Tovel Composer: Didier Tovel Additional Composition: Alex Gluch, Alison Lawee, Colin Brown, Adam Prus Head of Production: Aimee DeParolis Account Team: Christy Cusack CLAPBACK TRACK performed, written and produced by: Didier Tovel

Winning Entry: youtu.be/ByomXbnnLLM

Writing a good radio spot? Hard. Writing a great TV spot? Harder. Writing a full-length album about grocery store shopping? Hands down, hardest. From “A Cart Apart” to “Picante to Bag It Up,” No Frills became the first discount grocer to pen over 35 minutes of original ear candy with a series of 12 original songs. A feat only surpassed by a call out on the Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon himself with a clap-back to match. Now that's bananas.