IKEA Dog Translator

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Rethink, Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver
w: rethinkcanada.com

Ad Agency: Rethink Client: IKEA Canada Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman Creative Director: Dhaval Bhatt Art Director: Zachary Bautista Writer: Geoff Baillie Designer: Erin Maguire Strategist: Shereen Ladha Head of Strategy: Sean McDonald Digital Producer: Kyle Hicks, Felicia Morrison Print Producer: Narine Artinian Production Coordinator: Spencer Houghton Editor: Alex Fleming Developer Studio: Array of Stars Technical Lead: Ben Clarke On-Line: R+D Production Audio House: Vapor Music Audio House Creative Director: Ted Rosnik Engineer: Ryan Chalmers Account Director: Sarah Riedlinger Account Manager: Megan Christopher Account Coordinator: Mackenzie Pantaleo

Winning Website: rethinkcanada.com
Winning Entry: facebook.com/IKEACanada/videos/734389897359529

Launched on International Dog Day, the translator gave dogs a voice to tell their owners about IKEA's pet beds. Translations like IKEA dog beds put the 'wow' in bow wow – voiced by the iconic Swedish Guy of IKEA's radio and TV commercials – helped drive a surge in online searches for IKEA pet beds. To use the translator, pet owners could simply tap the ‘speak’ button on the translator webpage to record their dog barking.