Lamp Recycled

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Winner: Rethink Client: IKEA Canada Creative Director: Joel Holtby, Mike Dubrick, Aaron Starkman, Christina Yu, Ian Grais, Chris Staples Writer: Mike Dubrick Art Director: Joel Holtby Strategist: Stacy Ross Strategy: Sean McDonald Broadcast Producer: Anne Marie Martignago Production Company: Scouts Honour Director: Mark Zibert Line Producer: Rita Popielak Editor: Marc Langley Director of Photography: Todd Martin Post-Production: Rooster Editorial Online Editor: Ernie Mordak On-Line: Fort York VFX Grading: Eric Whipp Audio House: Vapor RMW, Mit Out Sound Audio Producer: Ted Rosnick Composer: Ren Klyce Account Director: Caleb Goodman, Marie Lunny, Sarah Riedlinger Account Manager: Becky Rudson Ad Agency: Rethink

In 2002, the brand came out with 'Lamp,' an iconic spot directed by Spike Jonze that told the story of a woman discarding her old lamp for a new one. It's a sentimental story where you truly feel sorry for the old lamp. Until IKEA pulls the rug out from under you—enter their iconic Swedish spokesperson Jonas cheekily saying: Many of you feel bad for this lamp. That is because you're crazy. It has no feelings, and the new one is much better.