Lolli: The Exhibit Nobody Wants To Talk About

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Winner: No Fixed Address Ad Agency: No Fixed Address Client: Canadian Centre for Child Protection Chief Creative Officer: Josh Budd, Dave Federico ACD, Art Director: Randy De Melo ACD, Writer: Ryan Chiasson Chief Strategy Officer: Dino Demopoulos Account Director: Josie Daga Account Supervisor: Adam Eliesen Producer: Kristen Neamtz, Ben Robinson Copywriter: Lee Cristiano Art Director: David Glen PR Lead: Katie Muir Senior Manager, PR: Erin Banting Production Company: HeydSaffer, Westside Studio, Married to Giants Line Producer: Adrian Cheung Print Producer: Bruce Ellis Director of Photography: Jono Lawley Build and Fabrication : 16Tonnes Production Designer & Art Director: Lachlan Brown, Lindsay Duplessis Photographer: Nikki Omerod Executive Producer: Julie Axell Senior Editor: Monica Remba Assistant Editor: Naseem Loloie Post-Production Company: Alter Ego Senior Post Produer: Jane Garrah VFX Artist: Joel Osis VFX Assistant: Alex Beals Senior Colourist : Conor Fisher Colour Assistant: Erik Bayley

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection wanted to raise awareness of the growing global child pornography epidemic. We discovered that sex offenders use the term “Lolli” to reference their victims. This, coupled with a lollipop’s inherent association with childhood innocence, made lollipops the perfect proxy to represent the issue. Lolli: The Exhibit No One Wants To Talk About contained 10,824 lollipops – one for each new child pornography image uploaded every 12 hours.