Loved Ones Forget Themselves Too

Art Direction - Single


Cossette, Montreal, QC
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Client: Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies (FSAQ) Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi, Louis-Philippe Tremblay Creative Director: Anne-Claude Chénier, Richard Rochette-Villeneuve Writer: François-Julien Rainville Art Director: Alexandre Jutras, Dorian Coureau Photographer: Christian Tremblay Producer: Michel David Agency Producer: Melissa Audette Production Company: SOMA Post-Production: Marc Denault Account Planner: Mario Deschambault, Jo-Annie Tétreault, Étienne Bolze

Alzheimer's disease affects 153,000 Quebecers, and it's estimated that by 2031, that number will increase by 70%. The number of caregivers will also grow. The goal was to communicate that support is available. Caregivers can be so involved with their loved one that they become overburdened with daily tasks.