Public Service/Charity - Single



Winner: Rethink Client: Battered Women's Support Services Creative Director: Leia Rogers, Morgan Tierney, Ian Grais, Chris Staples Writer: Morgan Tierney Art Director: Leia Rogers Producer: Kerry Bhangu, Jillian Arsenault Production Company: R+D Productions Strategist: Aliz Tennant, Darren Yada, Spencer Chan Studio: Jan Day Director: Eric Arnold Camera: Abrie Miller Tech Lead: Ken Malley Editor: Leigh O'Neill Amplification Coordinator: Samantha Cheng Printing Company: Prismtech Graphics Prop Stylist: Ken Malley Account Manager: Carrie Panio Ad Agency: Rethink

For this year's 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, we partnered with Battered Women’s Support Services to create an interactive transit ad that puts the viewer in the shoes of a person experiencing violence by their intimate partner.