People's Museum of North Korea; Presented by HanVoice

Young Blood Integrated Campaign


ARENA Studio Ltd., Toronto, ON
w: arena.limited

Young Blood: Sandrine Some Client: HanVoice Design Studio: ARENA Studio Ltd. Creative Strategist: Sandrine Some Creative Director: Kerwin Santos Client Service Director: Marshall Tory Production Designer: Electa Porado Art Director: Vincent Yoo Carpenter: Lando Cotez Set Designer: Chris Yue Photographer: Patrick Ryder Web Developer: Eric Chen

HanVoice worked with ARENA to conceptualize an awareness campaign engaging and educating Torontonians on human rights issues faced by North Korean refugees. An integrated campaign was built around a striking centre piece: an in-person exhibit at Stackt Market in Toronto displaying a semi-typical North Korean living room layered with educational stories of escapees, information smuggling, and harsh government tactics.