Protection for Peanuts

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Ad Agency: Rethink Client: Kraft Peanut Butter, Daniel Gotlib, Jacqueline Chao Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald Executive Creative Director: Mike Dubrick Creative Director: Jamie Marcovitch, Natasha Michalowska, Joel Holtby Art Director: Rachel LeBlanc Writer: Ryan Cookish Print Producer: Terri Winter Strategist: Julian Morgan, Marguerite Gaylie Account Manager: Joanna Oszczak, Allie Kennedy Account Director: Karlee Bedford, Kai De Bruyn Kops

By owning an issue our product creates, underpinned by a belief that Canadians should have equal access to life-saving medication we launched Protection for Peanuts, a fund to offset the cost of epipens. Our hope was to shed light on allergy medication coverage gaps, help offset costs, and spark a conversation that drives long-term change.