Purdys Holiday Braille Box

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Ad Agency: Rethink Client: Purdys, Julia Cho Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald Executive Creative Director: Leia Rogers, Morgan Tierney Creative Director: Sean O’Connor, Sheldon Rennie Associate Creative Director: Jordon Lawson Art Director: Jake Gauthier Writer: Evan Kane Designer: Jake Gauthier Print Producer: April Haffenden, Claire Khan Lead Strategist: Darren Yada Strategist: Anna Shkuratoff Amplification Strategist: Sara Lemmermeyer, Meredith Montgomery, Aliz Tennant Photographer: Clinton Hussey Studio Artist: Darina Kosikova, Linda Dumont Broadcast Producer: Zara Thomas, Yogi Omar Production House: R+D Productions Director of Photography: Thomas Buchan Line Producer: Richard Amies Editor: Alijah Monckton Audio House: Wave Productions Ltd. Producer: Craig Zarazun Engineer: Craig Zarazun Account Manager: Katherine McKeen

To help spread the joy of finding your favourite chocolate in a box of Purdys, we created the Holiday Braille Box. A first-of-its-kind box of chocolates that was made for and with consultation from the blind and partially sighted community.