Ras L'Bock

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TAXI, Montreal, QC
w: agency.taxi

Client: Ras L'Bock, Alexandre Caron Chief Creative Officer: Alexis Bronstorph, Kelsey Horne Creative Director: Alex Béland, Alexis Caron-Côté Art Director: Alex Béland Copywriter: Alexis Caron-Côté VP, Strategy: Rafik Belmesk Group Account Director: Marie-Josée Bourque Account Director: Maxime Mercier Producer: Maxime Boivin Editing House: Raphaël Laflamme, Danielle Bouchard Music House: Circonflex Music: Craig Murdock Web Agency: M&H

Winning Website: theendofbeerpuns.com/

Puns are everywhere. We love them as much as we hate them. Just think about those breakfast places with eggs in their names! And in the microbrewery world, it's even worse. Ras L'Bock, a Quebec brewery, knows it better than anyone, their name is a pun. But they thought enough is enough – this had to be stopped. So they bought more than 250 domain names, so other microbreweries would have to find something a bit more original when trying to name their breweries or new beers.