COVID-19 Response - Series


OneMethod (a division of Bensimon Byrne), Toronto, ON

Client: Good Fortune Chief Creative Officer: Amin Todai Creative Director: Max Sawka Copywriter: Sophia Wilby, Nate Houseley Art Director: Cameron Fliegel Designer: Dylan Belyk-Seymoure Business Lead: Patricia Tay Project Manager: Katie Muekusch Social Media Director: Kristina Kosa Social Media Supervisor: Rebecca Milner Founder, CCO: Andrew Richmond Chief Operating Officer: Jon Purdy Social Media Coordinator: Ashley Tokaruk

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Good Fortune Burger needed to do something extraordinary to survive Toronto's gruelling lockdowns, the longest in the world. The pandemic caused people to start working from home and expensing items to build home offices. RECEATS was a sneaky way for people to expense their eats, which saw Good Fortune disguise their entire menu as office supplies on UberEats and DoorDash. To keep customers accountable, every “office supply” order came with real receipts from a fictional supply store.