Follow the Arches: Next Exit/On Your Right/Just Missed Us

Point-of-Purchase/In-Store Ad or Promotion - Series



Company: Cossette Global Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno Art Director: Spencer Dingle, David Théroux Copywriter: Jordan Hamer, Philippe Brassard Creative Director: Craig McIntosh, Jaimes Zentil, Guy Moore Senior Designer: Oleg Portnoy Designer: Corey Way Senior Production Artist: Graham Washer Senior Retoucher: Trevor Gauthier Studio Director: Raquel Mullen Account Coordinator: Megan Smith Account Executive: Valerie Mascarin Account Director: Nicole Bakker Group Account Director: Geoff Wilton SVP, Managing Director: Kathy McGuire Production Company: Novus Media Agency: OMD Client: McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Ltd.

We used only fractions of the McDonald’s logo to create a minimal, globally-adaptable wayfinding system.