The House With No Escape

Out-of-Home - Series


G&G, Toronto, ON

Chief Creative Officer: Alanna Nathanson, Natalie Armata Associate Creative Director: Becky May, Steven Kim, Logan Broger Art Director: Becky May, Steven Kim Copywriter: Logan Broger Photographer: Steven Kim Business Lead: Krista Blaylock Account Coordinator: Clodagh Power Agency Producer: Dana Klyszeijko, Kirsten White Build Team: Timbr CCO: Scott Kinnear Production House: Brave Productions Executive Producer: Rob Tunnicliff Director/DOP: Mark Peachey Producer: Ruth Eddolls Camera Assistant: Jeff Feldcamp Post House: divisn Editor: Dino Harambasic PR Agency: Boulevard of Dreams pub: Lori Harito Client: Assaulted Women's Helpline

To demonstrate just how difficult it is for victims to leave their abusers, we created 'The House With No Escape'. The stunt was filmed in a Toronto neighbourhood showcasing a home that we completely bricked in, not an entry or escape point in sight. As passersby witnessed this shocking spectacle, they'd come across a lawn sign that read: When you live with abuse, there's no easy way out. A series of OOH carried the same message.