The Systemic Racism Pin

Pro Bono/PSA/Charity Entire Ad Campaign


TAXI, Montreal, QC
w: agency.taxi

Client: Amnesty International, Khoudia Ndiaye, Gabrielle Pauzé, Camille Ducroquet, Zaida Marquez, Mathieu Gaubert Ad Agency: TAXI Chief Creative Officer: Graham Lang Creative Director: Alex Béland, Alexis Caron-Côté Art Director: Alex Béland, Marie Cermakova, Nicolas Baillargeon, Maeva Moatti Copywriter: Alexis Caron-Côté, Whitney Tam, Vincent Leblanc, Philippe Brosseau VP, Strategy: Rafik Belmesk Strategy: Amy Delafontaine Group Account Director: Marie-Josée Bourque Account Director: Maxime Mercier Client Services: Caroline Macret, Gabriel Trépanier Agency Producer: Alexandra Michaud, Laurence-Etienne Hilman, Kelsey-Lynn Coradetti Editor: Paul Bergeron, Hugo Dubé-Bouchard, Danielle Bouchard Video Content: Romeo Director: Jorge Camarotti Production House: Vanessa Vick Production Team: France-Amy Tremblay, Jeremy Scialom, Gabrielle Lavoie, Antoine Foley Dupont Music House: Circonflex Music: Pierre-Hughes Rondeau, Craig Murdock, Charlène Blanchette Media Agency: BICOM Media Team: Virginie Doré-Lemonde, Juliette Dubois

The government of Quebec denies the existence of systemic racism in the province. So, to make it undeniable, we made the issue visible. We created a geolocated place in Google Maps to put the issue on the map. Literally. It then became the hub for our campaign where we shared educational content. A place where people shared testimonials about systemic racism.