The Thinking Emoji

Out-of-Home - Single


Leo Burnett, Toronto, ON
w: leoburnett.ca

Client: MOCA President: Ben Tarr Chief Creative Officer: Lisa Greenberg, Steve Persico Head of Production: Franca Piacente SVP Creative Director: Anthony Chelvanathan ACD and Copywriter: Appanna Chetranda ACD and Art Director: Natee Likitsuwankool Producer: Tania Gaudio, Andre Williamson Integrated Project Manager: Carly Price Account Director: Mike Spilchuk Project Director: Thomas Degez Senior Digital Developer: Dan Purdy Director of Print Production: Gord Cathmoir SVP Head of Strategy: Tahir Ahmad Strategist: Dan Koutoulakis Editor: David Nakata Photographer: Justin Tabakian, Eng Lau CEO: Heidi Reitmaier Executive Director: Heidi Reitmaier Managing Director: Rachel Hilton Director of Programs: November Paynter Senior Marketing Manager: Danielle Lim

MOCA's Thinking Emoji was a visually striking installation that got people thinking about their online presence in the social media era. It appeared in high-traffic locations in Toronto, posing thought-provoking questions to passersby, and created awareness for MOCA's Age of You exhibit. It led to a significant increase in website traffic and, more importantly, ticket sales, making it the most visited exhibit in MOCA's history.