Welcome to Mount Pearl

Online Video Long - Single


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Winner: Target Creative Director: Jason Hill Art Director: Jason Hill, Grant Cleland Writer: Sean Atkinson Agency Producer: Jane Hall, Jessica Hill Director: TJ Derry Music/Sound: Didier Tovel Cinematographer: TJ Derry Executive Producer: Alison Lawee Producer: Dead Icon Collective Audio House: SNDWRx Editor: David De Carlo Post-Production: Rooster Colourist: David De Carlo Visual Effects: Taylor McWade, David De Carlo Animation House: Fort York VFX Animator: Kate Ballard Account Director: Jane Hall, Jessica Hill Planner: Noel O'Dea

Winning Entry: youtu.be/NIDBUUfp2nY

Mount Pearl is an unknown place in a relatively unknown province, Newfoundland. They have no famous monuments. Or major historical relevance. No real claims to fame. So, how do you put Newfoundland's smallest city on the map? You use your simple nothingness to your advantage. You do a 180 from how municipal governments normally market themselves, and drop a rap video to showcase what you're all about.