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Company: Anomaly Executive Creative Director: Dave Douglass, Pete Breton Creative Director: Daniel Eckler Art Director: Richard Brown Writer: Matthew Donne CEO: Franke Rodriguez Managing Director: Candace Borland Account Director: Dori Applebaum Planner: Jon Daly Agency Producer: Rachel Hale Designer: Melissa Zeta Production Company: 7thfl Photographer: Laura Cromwell Production Company Producer: Shane Yuhas Client: Unsplash, Stephanie Liverani

Winning Entry:

Less than 20% of ad campaigns feature people of color. And the presentation decks used to sell those campaigns suffer from the same problem: filled with mockups that don\'t match the diversity of the population. So we created a set of mockup templates to help start ideas in the same way we want them to end: as diverse as the world around us.