White Ribbon Uncomposed

Music - Single


Bensimon Byrne/Narrative /OneMethod, Toronto, ON

Chief Creative Officer: Joseph Bonnici Creative Director: David Mueller, Debbie Chan (Narrative) Art Director: Ana Segurajauregui Sanchez, Angelica Corrano Copywriter: Sophia Wilby (OneMethod) Agency Producer: Michelle Pilling Chief Strategy Officer: Erin O'Connor Business Lead: Marli Bennett Project Manager: Efi Eman Agency Production Manager: Dan Rankin Partner: Canadian Opera Company Music Director: Johannes Debus Partner: MIND Lab at Northeastern University Scientist, Associate Professor and Director: Dr. Psyche Loui, PhD Partner: Toronto Metropolitan University Scientist, Professor of Psychology at Toronto Metropolitan University: Dr. Frank Russo, PhD Audio House: Berkeley Inc. Audio Producer: Tyna Maerzke Audio Director: Jared Kuemper Audio Engineer: Jared Kuemper, Tyler Young Production House: Soft Citizen Executive Producer: Link York, Jaclyn Morga Director: Henry Lu Director of Photography: James Arthurs Line Producer: Michelle Pilling Casting: Powerhouse Transfer: Alter Ego Colourist: Wade Odum Post-Production: Button Factory Editor: Tim Pienta Producer: Michelle Pilling Client: White Ribbon

With help from a team of world-renowned musical experts, scientists, and psychologists, we composed an original piece of music designed to help men connect with the emotions they've been socialized to suppress.