“Jardin des Espoirs” Winter Station

Environmental-Experiential/Event Design - Single


MASSIVart, Montreal, QC
t: 514-419-3995
e: info@massivart.com
w: massivart.com

Ideation: MASSIVart, Aedifica, Körnelius Design: Aedifica Production: MASSIVart Fabrication: Groupe Information Travail

Winning Website: massivart.com/project/bright-and-welcoming-urban-stops-in-17-boroughs-of-montreal

MASSIVart, Aedifica, Körnelius, and the Groupe Information Travail collaborated to design the Jardin des Espoirs winter station in Montreal. Illuminated and decorated with multiform structures reminiscent of the colours of cargo ship containers sailing the Saint-Laurent River, this poetic installation is sure to brighten up the daily lives of locals from December 2020 until the end of April 2021.